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South Africa’s Kulula Airlines has its planes dressed in a livery that is a far cry from usual standards. Perhaps the most interesting one is the Flying 101, a plane that is painted with descriptive words for most parts of the aircraft, and humorous quips to go with them. For example, it shows off the plane’s “Secret Agent Code” which happens to be its registration number, seats that are “better than taxi seats”, and a place dubbed as the “mile high club initiation chamber”, which just happens to be the loo.

Another aircraft has arrows and words painted on it to match cargo and packaging, and make sure the airplane stays “This Way Up.” There’s one dressed up in camouflage style print and proudly shows off the humorous quip that reads “No One Saw Us Coming.” Jetsetter aircraft in the fleet has an artistic paintjob that’s just pleasing to the eyes. Finally, there’s the K-dot with a somewhat greener livery, probably to emphasize its claim of having the “lowest carbon emissions per seat of any aircraft in its class.” Scroll ahead for the image gallery.