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UK based Italian artist Paola Bazz reworks and re-uses printed paper to create three dimensional collages that have a three dimensional effect. The choice of printed paper comes as a metaphor for everyday life where a fair amount of information of our lifestyle and culture lives, and of course, the printed paper is a medium that has tremendous power of effect. It is full of text, images, faces, human figures, and the mighty power of communication that it represents.

For her work, the artist manipulates and uses paper according to qualities like thickness, color, text, images, letters and the typographic effect. The selections are cut into pieces, folded, and finally glued on to a thick rigid grid over a cardboard base.

Blocks of paper almost work as over-sized pixels that add to the complexity of the artwork. Close enough, and it is a mishmash of colored blocks of paper. Take a good distance, and the art reveals itself. Another theme inherent in these creations is the recycling of obsolete media where unwanted paper is recycled into meaningful art with style and substance.

[All images from Paola Bazz]