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Gearing up for the zombie apocalypse is a wise move, doing that with a car built specially for mowing down zombie hordes is better. Displayed at the New York Comic Con, this vehicle put on show all its zombie mowing goodness. Designed by Anson Kuo and based on the Santa Fe, the vehicle was chosen to be realized from several submissions.

Kuo designed it as a stealth vehicle that would move without making much noise and would depend more on knives and blades as weapons rather than one that would release ammunition. In that spirit, the vehicle features knives and blades coming out from its body, an automatic crossbow, razor wired windows, a samurai sword, aluminum armor, and a muffler silencer. Three machine guns also find room in the vehicle, just in case the occupants want to give up on stealth and start off large scale zombie mowing.

The car was promoted by Hyundai Motors America and built by Galpin Auto Sports.