Brewbot is a Total Bro-bot, Makes Beer With Help of Your Smartphone

The continuously expanding portfolio of smartphones has a new skill added, that of brewing beer. Brewing is not an easy job, by any definition of the word. While professionals manage all the intricacies in breweries, home brewers have to spend a lot more time and care to get their beer ready. Brewbot is now making an entry into the arena, and works like a total bro to get your beer ready for you.

Brewbot can be set to work on its own, and as it nears the beginning of the next phase that requires human intervention, it will send a notification to your smartphone. Users can use their smartphones to customize the functioning of the Brewbot through recipes and brew times.

At the default setting, the bot will have five gallons of beer ready for fermentation at the end of a day. The beer brewing robot is currently up for funding/pre-orders on Kickstarter.

Via Dvice

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