A Cue Made For the Knight of the Pool Table

Playing pool is serious business, and it augurs well to be prepared for the occasion. Intimidator Masterpiece Cue is being called the most expensive cue in the world at $150,000. A look at it, and it isn’t hard to figure out where that price tag comes from. When the cue is not on the table, it rests in a case that is styled like a medieval weapon, one whose likeliness you would expect to see in a video game.

It started with an 82 pound block of stainless steel that was machined and worked on for 1862 man hours to create the 9.5 pound cue. A generous amount of hand engraving, etching and machining has gone towards creating the cue. A genuine Italian obsidian sphere sits at the base, separated by the 63 inch length of cue from the leather tip.

Intimidator Masterpiece Cue is inlaid with gold and has deep relief engravings. Plus of course, there are the very dangerous looking winged blades, the larger ones covering 48 inches, while the smaller ones spread to 13 inches.

Via technabob

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