Food Printer Turns Drawings Into Three Dimensional Delicacies

Potential of 3D printers is huge. As they get out of their infancy, the ideas and uses associated with them keep growing at the same pace. This food printer concept is an entry to a competition by the Electrolux Design Lab. Atomium concept by Brazilian designer Luiza Silva strives to bring 3D printing to the food world, with a touch of added creativity and the idea of making food way more fun.

You could input doodles and drawings to the printer, which would then move on to convert those two dimensional drawings into 3D, and printing the resulting delicacies. Food ingredients can be loaded into individual containers in the printer’s base, and the finished product would be received from the top of the Atomium.

With the idea of making the device more accessible, simplicity and ease of use has been kept in mind. In view of the designer, the concept is so simple to use, even a child could use it to print their favorite food.

Via Electrolux, Dvice

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