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Laptops are great for portable use, often chosen at the expense of desktops, which happen to promise greater comfort of use. Portable devices have grown greatly, though it is too early to discount the venerable desktop. U.DTR (Ultra Desktop Replacement) by Marin Myftiu is a concept that tries to bring laptops and desktops into one harmonious union by taking the best of both.

The concept starts its basic look as a laptop computer that can easily be changed into a desktop with only a few accessories and in minimal time. When moving to desktop mode, the concept allows the screen and the keyboard to be separated, with the angled keyboard providing additional ergonomic benefits. Of course, if you so choose, you can use the base panel as a CPU, and attach another keyboard to go with your desktop appearance.

To deal with weight issues, the concept makes use of two batteries. The smaller battery remains attached to the system and works conventionally. A larger battery can be added when going to the desktop mode, thus providing a stable and usable battery backup, while keeping weight to a minimal.

Via YankoDesign