Voyager Becomes First Man Made Object to Leave the Solar System Enter Interstellar Space

A man made object has exited the boundaries of our solar system for the very first time. NASA says the 36 year old Voyager 1 spacecraft is now out of our solar system, and at a distance of 12 billion miles (19 billion kilometers) from our sun. There have been several claims over the past year of Voyager having left the solar system, but this one is official.

According to NASA, voyager spent one year traveling through plasma (ionized gas) that exists between stars. At present, the spacecraft is at the transitional region just outside the solar bubble, and some effects of the sun are still present. Today is the day of humanity’s historic leap into interstellar space.

Edit: Voyager has entered Interstellar Space. It is currently in a new region of space, which is considered a part of our solar system. The boundary of the solar system is defined by the Oort cloud, a spherical region that encompasses our solar system. It will be 300 years until Voyager reaches the beginning of the cloud, and another 30,000 years before it exits it. Voyager 1 is still in our solar system.


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