If You Add Drunk People to Fitness Quotes, Things Get Hilarious

Fitspiration quotes are meant to get you to work harder, exercise harder. But like all other things, they do tend to get overboard. Reddit user evelee started off a thread showing how well the quotes worked with inspiration to get drunk. A few other redditors chimed in, and the thread turned pretty hilarious. Take a look at these images, and get yourself some fitspiration.

118 thoughts on “If You Add Drunk People to Fitness Quotes, Things Get Hilarious”

  1. When you know how many functionnal alcoholics and alcoholics in denial that are out there, i didn’t find it so funny. Its an overwhelming disease that becomes a priority everyday of their lives. Its sad. And painful. Nobody should want to “never quit drinking” and “drink harder”

      • I agree with Annie. As someone who is sober, active in recovery and a gym rat. This really isn’t all that funny. A lot of us spent a lot of years “hitting it harder” and wasted a lot of life.

          • Of course it wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, be funny to an alcoholic, but it is funny. As the wife of an alcoholic, I think it’s very funny, but I am not sharing the post or even liking it because I don’t want my husband to be subjected to it. An alcoholic who exposes themselves to this (and you do have to click on it and scroll through it yourself) just isn’t in a good place.

          • hey i disagree, this post is hilarious and im an alcoholic in recovery with two years of sobriety. just because you had a problem with a substance doesnt mean jokes cant be funny anymore. its good to be able to look back and laugh at some of the stupid shit we did, as long as we still understand that while some things are funny, they are also really shitty to go through and we dont want to be that person anymore.

        • So, for the few of you who don’t find this funny it shouldn’t exist for the rest of us? I’m sorry but most of us find it hilarious. That’s what is wrong with America. One person gets offended by something and wants it taken away for the other millions of people who liked it.

        • I’m also a sober alcoholic, and I find this hilarious. Remember rule 62: Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s funny because I’ve thought many of those same things.

        • It is always Funny if You remember to Not BE STUCK in your own Sobriety…Sober is Fun…but, only as Fun as You can stand it to be because You did not used to Be…Get over your previous Drunk self & Laugh & Live a little — i.e., Sober ON !!!

        • Why would you follow a link that says (possibly paraphrasing) “if you add drunk people to fitness quotes it’s hilarious”? With your background and lack of humor, you should steer clear of this type of clickbait.

        • I’m curious, are you in recovery from pushing alcohol past the point it was good for you, or the gym/fitness stuff?

      • As a recovering ‘fitness junkie’ I will say this holds a parallel. Being fit is good, but you can take it to far (throwing up? yes to far) where it starts causing physical problems (ex: many runners have high incidents of heart attacks from pushing themselves to far) or its causing image issues, or is driven by image issues, then fitness isn’t about health anymore, and this draws the parallels perfectly.

    • Anne I put gym and healthy eating as a priority as my drinking I work a full time job and I have a great savings account and travel- life as a functional alcoholic isn’t all that bad.

    • I am sure that even alcoholics can laugh at this.
      But as it often is; the ones that are criticizing is NOT the ones that it’s about. It is some random which is indignated on BEHALF of the ones that it’s about.
      Sad, but true.

    • I am a longtime functioning alcoholic and I find these quite hilarious. Just because you feel offended by them doesn’t take away from their comedy.

    • Annie, I think with that very thing in mind, this is still good. With humor it shows how pathetic heavy drinking really is.

    • Annie – I wonder if the fitness memes telling people not to give up or they are lazy are offensive to those suffering from anorexia? It’s also a disease. Lighten up.

    • That’s part of the point, I think. One, the concept is just amusing. But two, it points out the MASSIVE PROBLEM with these quotes on a fitness-motivation level. If you weren’t aware, over the past year or so, quotes like these have come underfire for encouraging UNHEALTHY fitness push and drive to the point of injury/illness. Twisting the quotes into this light helps point this out.

    • I’m an alcoholic who has been sober over 4 years and is active in a recovery program. I found this hilarious and I shared it with my 8 years sober fiance who also found it hilarious.

    • I don’t consider alcoholism to be a disease. You made a choice to start drinking, and you made a choice not to stop. If you’re an alcoholic or a drug addict, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

      • i assume you must have done a great deal of research on this subject to make that statement so firmly, Shabbadoo?

      • how pompous and ill-informed of you. having a disease doesn’t imply a lack of choice. hence the popularity of venereal diseases. and diabetes. and heart failure. dependency is a physiological state as well as a mental one. the sharing of your considerations seem more like an excuse to trumpet your own superiority over a group of people with serious problems. kudos.

      • Ok, it has been scientifically proven that “alcoholics” motabilze alcohol differently from a social drinker. It can be measured on MRI scans the brain activity that occurs in an average drinker and an alcoholic. So the fact it can be measured contradicts your opinion. people who do not need to search for better enlightenment because they are so sure of their opinions and perception of the world End up missing out on the exact reason for living.

      • ABSOLUTLEY correct. Impulse control should be a disease too if the retarded ‘victims’ of addiction get recognition and a colored ribbon to put on their bumper.

    • This is a classic example of why humor is subjective. You don’t find it funny? Cool. You don’t have to laugh. When saying “this isn’t funny,” you apparently forgot the implied “to me” at the end, because at the end of the day, no one but you really cares if this is or isn’t funny to you.

        • I work with people in pain every day. Thats the job I chose. 11 years of school. But when they get better? Stand up straight? Find their strength? They tell me I can’t wait to get out with my husband and dance again. Doc, ya know what I really want? A stiff drink without needing it. Drinking is a part of America. We are a hallmark of liberty. I chose to give up 11 years of life for my profession. And Annie?, alcohol kept me sane through the process. I respect your view, but without the true struggle, life experience, seeing those in agony, I don’t think you’ll ever understand. And that’s ok too.

    • AnnIe, I am a recovering alcoholic and bartender with many acquaintances on either side of the bottle and THIS, my friend, is hilarious!!
      I like the reason why you started the best. M.

    • Take it from a functional alcoholic of 20 years – I wouldn’t trade my life for a gym rat’s under any conditions.

    • When you have met enough anorexics, you will find this eye-opening and quite meaningful and deep. It all depends on your perspective. Alcohol isn’t the only addiction out there.

    • Annie, your comment is the best. That which got me thru engineering and chemistry grad school, law school and now medical school is the philosophy “never quit” drinking cases of the BEAST. “Functional” is a way of life. It’s not easy! Nothing is easy. Persevere.

    • Oh, my goodness!! Who says this joke is about alcoholics?!! Just because someone gets drunk sometimes, especially when he or she has decided to let loose, that does not mean he or she is an alcoholic. People get drunk all the time who will never be alcoholics. The thought that the people in these pictures are alcoholic, never even crossed my mind, Annie. I’m sorry if you have suffered pain and trauma due to someone’s alcoholism, but that doesn’t take away the humor of this very generic set of pictures. The humor is related to the juxtaposition of people going overboard with one thing which is good for you versus people going overboard with another thing which can be really fun for some but is not good for you and in using the same type of slogan from one for the other.

  2. i’m an alcoholic in recovery and i found this hilarious. yes, the disease of alcoholism almost took my life and has taken the lives of countless others… but we gotta be able to laugh at ourselves too! rule 62, annie. learn about it.

    • been clean and sober 11 ½ yrs and I found it funny. When I used to drink, those were my exact attitudes about it so I can identify on a personal level – like someone else posted – rule 62 – if I stop laughing about it and start taking myself too seriously I’m getting CLOSER to another drink not FURTHER from it

  3. When you know how many functionnal weightlifters and lifters in denial that are out there, i didn’t find it so funny. Its an overwhelming disease that becomes a priority everyday of their lives. Its sad. And painful. Nobody should want to “never quit lifting” and “lift harder”

  4. Wish I could buy a couple of these as posters. Maybe despair.com would like to add them as a sideline – they seem related.

  5. Anything can be taken to the extreme and these quotes apply to many people and how they take whatever too far. Speaking of rugby….the best bumper sticker I ever saw said “Rugby players eat their dead!”

    So the moral is….Death to all extremists!

  6. I love how 90% of these comments are people putting this “Annie” in her place. Shut up! LOL She gets it! Now leave her to cry alone in her corner nursing her bottle and repost this hilarity! :P

  7. Annie has a valid point. I found them amusing until I think about the man my alcoholic ex turned into when he drank, then they are a little less amusing. I doubt people with an active drinking problem will be offended, but those hurt by someone with a drinking a problem may not find them as funny.

  8. To anyone who thinks these are funny: For people who have lost a loved one to a drunk driver or alcoholism, these “jokes” are the farthest thing from being funny. If you can laugh at them, you have no compassion.

  9. I’m am an alcoholic in recovery, almost six months sober whoop whoop and I find this whole thing f’ing hilarious!! I can relate to all of these!

  10. Jim yes people die…but we tell jokes about gun, hammers old peole driving…in the end there are soo many ways to die…and no matter the joke, some one will get upset. becasue thier sister died from a hamster bite or thier wife was killed by a fallig safe. Get over it live and let live….drink or dont…read this or dont…

    • hamster bite – now, that was hilarious! I know I’m going to giggle all day over that. No. Wait. It’s sad. So so sad. I can’t…….. Bwahahahaha

  11. I lost my brother to a drugged/drunk driver … My dad died of alcoholism/cirrhosis of the liver/ insulin shock… I know both my dad and brother would laugh at these… CAUSE ITS FUNNY!!!

  12. For those uptight individuals who don’t find these amusing, I’ve got a few jokes that would REALLY piss you off! I’m an equal opportunity offender! But seriously, if you’re so easily pissed off by a random internet post, you don’t have enough going on in your life. I’m gonna go masturbate to that grandma holding the bottle now. Later I’ll probably masturbate while thinking about Annie getting all uptight over a stupid internet meme about God killing kittens.

  13. Tragedy happens. This kind of humor is not meant to mock those who still suffer, but to celebrate recovery. It’s healthy to see the futility of destructive thinking, and to laugh at the absurdity, though sad that people are hurting from what we have gotten past. If you’re being hurt by drinking, whether it’s your own or a loved one’s, getting involved in a recovery program can help!

  14. I’m currently an alcoholic and do frequent the gym and I think these mash ups are hilarious no matter what way you look at it.

  15. I’m a recovering alcoholic with 1 day sober…..oh…….no wait, that’s not quite right. Anyway, it’s funny

  16. I’m also a recovering alcoholic and I think this is hilarious. The fact that we actually thought that way is the funny part. Rule 62, bruh.

  17. see, that’s actually why i quit A.A. i wanted to -enjoy- the rest of my life, and those dudes wanted to dwell on their sad pasts. i mean more power to them, but you’re supposed to move forward

  18. When something gets you down you can curl into a foetal ball and cry yourself to sleep in self pity, or you can ask for help, or stand tall and laugh adversity in the face and try and be strong and fight back. But don’t ever play the blame game – you got yourself there – you get yourself out. I never believed alcoholism to be a disease but I do believe it to be a mental problem, just like any other drug.

  19. Internet these days. Brings out the mob mentality in all of us. Hopefully annie got a sense of humour bashed into her skull thank to you guys.

  20. This isn’t meant to just be funny, it is meant to draw parallels of extreme behaviors. Being fit is good, but you can take it to far (throwing up? yes, way to far) where it starts causing physical problems (ex: many runners have high incidents of heart attacks from pushing themselves to far) or is causing image issues, or is driven by image issues. Sometimes then fitness isn’t about health anymore, and people become obsessed with it despite doing harm to themselves & this draws the parallels perfectly.

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