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Modern wheels might have seen improvement, but they have stayed more or less the same since they were invented. Of course, the modern world needs the reinventing of the wheel to suit modern times. One of such designs by Korean manufacturers Hankook, the i-Flex, takes the conventional look and feel out of the tires, making them independent of factors like air, while fusing the wheel and the tire into a single entity.

i-Flex are made from an array of geometric cells that allow the whole unit to be a part of the suspension component. Energy and bumps that the tires may encounter are distributed through the tire and dissipated. Other advantages lie in a reduced weight leading to better fuel economy, reduced noise, and environmental friendliness that comes with the tire being 95% recyclable as opposed to the current tires that occupy landfills and have no scope of seeing the insides of a recycling center.

Via Wired Autopia