Pokemon Game of Thrones House Sigils

Team Casterly Rocket

Reddit user e_lasorda (previously) has a set of illustrations presenting Pokemon as Game of Thrones house sigils. As a bonus, there’s the very interesting Team Casterly Rocket, which we think takes the cake.

House Stark (Poochyena)

House Lannister (Entei)
House Baratheon (Stantler)
House Targaryen (Hydreigon)
House Greyjoy (Octillery)
House Tully (Magikarp)
House Arryn (Lunatone and Pidgeot)
House Martell (Solrock)
House Tyrell (Roselia)
House Mormont (Ursaring)
House Clegane (Growlithe)
The Night’s Watch (Murkrow)

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