Dead Birds on Shoes Make Them a Prohibitively Expensive Luxury

No one probably would pay a dime for a dead bird. And why in the name of fuck would you want them on your shoes? Take away these very legit and sensible concerns, and you have a $3000 pair of shoes adorned by dead birds. Artist Divya Anantharaman made this pair of heels using 500 carats of raw smoky quartz and Swarovski topaz, and then she added taxidermy birds to the mix, presumably just to spice up the party.

Since the artist works a lot with animals, and taxidermy, she makes sure that all the animals are “ethically sourced.” In her website, Divya points out that the animals used are all naturally deceased, and not killed for her work.

With that explanation, it would be time to put down those pitchforks folks. Unless you had them out about the ridiculous idea of dead-bird heels. In that case, take torches along too.

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