Nothing But the Best For My Butt: Designer Toilet Paper!

Apparently, run off the mill toilet paper isn’t good enough for certain butts. To cater to this high-end butt wiping business, a Japanese company has come up with rolls of “designer” toilet paper. The designer toilet paper is only available to subscribers of “Toilet Paper of the Month” club promotion. If you’re buying three rolls, the cost per roll is $18. Buy in a pack of eight, and the cost per roll comes down to $18.

It is claimed that the printed designs have been made to look “beautiful” irrespective of where you tear the paper from. You can order your rolls to be delivered on your choice in frequency and number. They arrive in specially handcrafted boxes inlaid with silver leaf. We hear they are also silky smooth on the butt.

Via: ProductPage [JP], Melt in Japan, Geekologie

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