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The End is Nigh! Device Allows Flies to Aim a Revolver

In a world where we prepare for wars with zombies and our future robot overlords, we have committed the huge mistake of ignoring something like the housefly. Fly Revolver by David Bowen shows just how big of a mistake overlooking flies as future weaponised adversaries can be. The flies live inside an acrylic sphere with a target backdrop. Movements of flies and their interactions are captured by a video camera that then feeds it to control circuits, which eventually end up controlling where the revolver aims.

If there is a single fly, then the revolver simply follows its motion. If there are multiple flies, the software reads their motion as a collective to aim the revolver. If no flies are in the sphere, the gun moves to a resting position. All this just makes us realize how easy it would be for flies to mark targets to kill. They’re probably going to be the next generation of crazy military experiments after bats and pigeons.

Via David Bowen

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