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Ear Cleaner

As India goes towards modernization, a lot of the traditional jobs of the country stare down towards extinction. New York based photographer Supranav Dash took a fascinating look at several of these jobs that in the near future are very likely to disappear from the face of the country. Of course, some are more deeply rooted and would take longer, while the others are already in their grave.

The project is titled “Marginal Trades” and the photographer hopes to capture the professions which might no longer be seen a couple of generations into the future. It’s equally intriguing that Suparnav gave these photographs something of an “old world” look. Some of them already look like they came out from the ’50s rather than from the modern age.

A holy brahmin with a blemished cow

Street Typist

Broom maker

Sugarcane Juice seller


Rickshaw puller

Street astrologer

Oil can reseller

Knife grinder

Festival drummer


Street sweepers

Band party boys

Via PetaPixel