Urwerk EMC Watch

We tend to get floored by excellent precision and crafting skills. Those features are best apparent for consumer items, in our opinion, in good old watch making and horology masterpieces. Urwerk EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) has a built-in “Artificial Intelligence”, well as much of an AI as a mechanical system can afford. It uses this AI to keep its measurement of time precise. Common variances like temperature, position and shock can reduce the timing regularity of a wristwatch.

Pressing a button will give you information on the timing rate of your watch, which you can then fine tune to your liking. Using a combination of titanium, steel and sapphire crystals, the watch is built to last. The same also shows up in its power reserve that will go on for 80 hours. There’s no pricing information on the watch yet, but feel free to drool all over it in the gallery below.

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