Heed This Dating Advice Ye Women, So Thou Can Be Fit For The Comely Gentleman

I’m not really sure they spoke like this in the 1930s, so we’re just going to ignore the inaccuracies in the heading, and move on to pointing out the accuracies in this dating guide from 1938. It was meant to be a guide for single women, helping them hide their many flaws so they could make themselves fit for a man. Or something like that.

The guide is hilariously sexist, perhaps mostly because much of this might have been considered “useful information” back in the day. In all fairness, many of these tips from an article in the Parade Magazine of 1938 show guidelines of general etiquette and behavior. That they need to point all this out in the clumsy, clueless woman scenario is what makes this appear so very ridiculous.

Oh, and if this information is useful to you, you might want to take a look at your scores on the Spousal Irritation Checklist of 1930.

Via Retronaut

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