Creepy, Disturbing Baby Pets Are a Combination Modified Baby and Pet

From the deepest recesses of crazy, comes the disturbing idea of combining human and animal DNA to create pets that are also babies! Chinese designer Lingxizhu Meng apparently thought that babies are a waste of time, lets get pets instead. That’s a very good idea, except then she decided that the pets also needed to be human, so a bit of human DNA was thrown in to create hideous creatures that are half human, half animal. Kind of like Minotaur, only a gazillion times more crazy and a gazillion times less awesome.

Apparently, babies are too much to take care of. Pets on the other hand, are much easily managed; and are arguably less expensive than babies. Okay, I’m going to quote the designer now, mainly because I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the idea:

Children grow and come into a life of their own while pets are bound to the lives of their owners. There is much less involved in owning or caring for a pet compared to what is involved in ising a child. This difference meets the needs of many people selfish. Children have a biological bond with their parents, while the pet is chosen for its breed. The animal human baby pet is a combination of baby and pet. ising a child incurs significant financial costs, while pets in comparision are far more economical. Such as saving the cost of education, for example. The dogbaby life cycle is very short, similar to that of a dog, often only 11-­15 years of life. This is a circumstance that can enable elderly people to rise a dogba-by in the golden years of their lives. Some couples are not ready to ising a child. The dogbaby provides a link in their partnership without necessitating a permanent responsibility and commitment. Some singles who are occupied by an active social and work life but who have the desire to have a child find the benefit of a dogbaby’s growth process and need of attention levels much simpler to those of a child.

See? Not crazy at all! We have a few images here, but if you have a stomach for it, there are more on the artist’s page.

Via OddityCentral

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