Ludicrous Vintage Ads Tell You All the (Wrong) Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is bad today, but when it was at its height, it was even worse. For a long time, we did not understand the health hazards of smoking and it was advertised as something cool, awesome, beneficial and even healthy! Even when the bad effects of smoking were better understood, it took quite a while before the claims of health could be fully removed from advertising. Hell, they even got a US President to endorse cigarettes!

Take a look at these images where cigarettes are presented as being good for health, the throat, breath, for maintaining a slim figure, other health benefits. Even doctors are crazy about cigarettes. Needless to say, the claims are all wrong, and there is nothing healthy about smoking cigarettes. The health hazards though are tremendous. Thankfully, you don’t see such lewd and ridiculous advertisements anymore.

Via SoBadSoGood

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