The Very Hairy Art of Hong Chun Zhang

Chinese artist Hong Chun Zhang works on the very excruciatingly detailed Chinese Ink Painting process, that requires a very precise method and process. According to the artist, working with ink on a rice paper is “unforgiving.” The process and steps must be followed for a painting to come through.

Zhang mentions seven steps that must be completed in a precise order to get the painting correct. They are:

1. Making a detailed pencil sketch first

2. Transferring the sketch onto rice paper

3. Outlining the image with ink

4. Appling ink from lighter to darker through 8 layers

5. Waiting for drying time in between each layer

6. Adding mineral colors first and herb colors second

7. Mounting the work is the final part of the process.

The way we see it, each of these individual steps could themselves be works of art.

Via Artnau

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