Artist Does Wonders With Ballpoint Pens

Japanese artist Shohei Otomo (previously) creates very detailed and intricate drawings using a medium as unlikely as a ball point pen. The first set of images you see here, those in blue, were made by the artist as part of an advertising campaign by Japanese stationary manufacturer Pilot. In the video that follows, the artist is seen moving the pen to create very intricate patterns that would ordinarily be considered out of the domain of a pen like that. The second set shows Otomo’s illustrations of ‘Furyo’ (Japanese delinquents), done fair and square with conventional ballpoint pens.

Otomo’s illustrations primarily feature the colors red, black and white, which apart from blue would be the colors most suited for ballpoint pens. He originally started using ball point pens because they were cost-effective, however, the medium stuck and became the artist’s signature style. Inspiration for the illustrations often comes from Japanese ancient history, popular culture, and anime and manga.

Via FoundationDesign, designboom

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