Man Builds Himself a Mountain Lair on Top of a 26-Story Building in Beijing

Characters generally like to build their lairs away from population so they can go on with their experiments freely. Although that’s a huge luxury if you’re living in a giant city like Beijing. How’s a man ever supposed to get a respectable secret lair with real estate prices like that? Going around the problem, a Doctor built a mountain lair for himself on top of a 26-story residential building in Beijing.

He spent about 6 years in creating the mad scientist doctor habitat that covers 1000 square meters of the roof, draping it in fake stones and trees to ultimately create a mountain habitat. Apparently, people have been complaining about the addition for a long time, although no action seems to have been taken until recently against the (allegedly) well connected Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

It appears there is a 15 days ultimatum to the mountain lair owner now, to either prove the legality of the structure, or remove it, failing which it shall be forcibly demolished.

Via scmp, Dezeen, Colossal

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