Photographer Attempts to Shape a Raging Fire to Will

Fire is the very definition of uncontrollable as far as the shape is concerned. With meticulous planning you could have the flame do some of your bidding, but having an open flame take the form and shape you choose is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible. Photographer Rob Prideaux plays with the idea of having fire take desired shapes in this set of photographs for a series entitled Smoke and Fire.

Rob decided to follow this idea after he could not find a suitable image of fire for another project that he was working on. The images are set against a white background. The photographer sets equipment for the shape of fire desired, lights it up and quickly takes a photograph, all this has to be accomplished in a split-second.

The resulting images are processed and retouched a little, but for the most part, they are quite original. The photographs, the equipment used and the motivation for the set are explained on Rob Prideaux’s blog.

Via Rob Prideaux, PhotoOfTheDay, MMM

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