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In pursuit of a true time lapse, photographer Eirik Solheim spent a year with his SLR camera placed by a spot near the window, taking an image of the same scene every half an hour. The result was 16000 images that he converted into a timelapse video that you can see below, titled One year in 2 minutes.

Going further in the project, he selected 3888 images captured during the day, and with the help of his Twitter followers and blog readers, Eirik was able to create one image that represented every single day of the year 2010 that was photographed. In the image you see above, the left side is January that changes with every passing line and finally ends with December to the extreme right.

Note: Both videos are the same, except the services (Vimeo and Youtube). The video, as previously mentioned, is One year in 2 minutes.

Via Eirik Solheim