Beer Can House

A house in Houston, Texas not just has its dwellers making good use of beer, but the house itself is quite a connoisseur of beer cans. It was once owned by John Milkovisch, who having been brought up during the great depression had a couple quirks, one of them being a reluctance to throw things away, especially beer cans.

When metal siding became popular in the ’70s, Milkovisch decided to put his collection of beer cans into action, having the aluminum from beer cans used for the house. Around 50,000 cans were collected and used during the process, giving the house a distinct look of beer can architecture.

The home has now been purchased by someone, restored and opened to the public. Different styles of beer cans, pop-top garlands and colored bottles give it quite the look. It’s beer heaven!

Via Beer Can House on Flickr, Inthralld

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