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Perhaps in a moment of clarity, or the likelier case of a complete loss of clarity, Skoda decided to go with the idea of a “manly” baby stroller. Skoda had a chat with 1000 dads from the UK, and came to the conclusion that a lot of men wouldn’t push strollers/prams around because they found regular strollers embarrassing and feminine.

Around 76% of the 1000 interviewed said they would be happier pushing the stroller around if it were more “higher spec” and “stylish.” Working on the advice and wishlist of these model fathers and gentlemen, Skoda created this encumbered masterpiece of a stroller they call “Man Pram.”

The buggy has a hydraulic suspension, wing mirrors, oversized brake callipers, brake lights, headlamps, and rides on 20-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain rubber. The crib is decked with sports upholstery and lumbar support. This stroller/pram was built for the UK launch of the Octavia vRS and Skoda has no plans to put it in production. That just might be a smart decision.

Via Skoda, Gizmag