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Magnetic levitation is quite an idea. Mix it up with furniture, and you’ve got some real lookers on there. There is just one big problem with most of the magnetic levitation themed tables we have seen: there’s nothing to keep them in place. The last thing anyone probably wants is to bump into the table and see it flying off. A better approach to the idea is what makes us appreciate the Float Table.

It gives up some of the magnetic levitation “magic” but becomes much more practical to use. Float is made of cube shaped blocks of wood, all arranged so as to repel the blocks close to them, hence working up a stable shape.

All blocks are kept in check and in place by a system of tensile steel cables, the objects that take reduce the obvious magic of levitation, but make the table practically usable. The tables are handmade and designed to be stable and solid. However, push one of the blocks good enough, and you see the magnetic characteristics shine through.

Via RockPaperRobot