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ItalDesign‘s Parcour Concept for Giugiaro breathes in the air of supercars and sports cars to take on a form that is instantly recognizable and happens to be one hell of a look. Parcour, while keeping the general looks of a sports car, sits comfortably above the ground, allowing it to show its mettle in off road conditions as well.

ItalDesign says it took 50,000 man hours to build up the two-seater concept. Parcour gets a look that is seemingly something between a sports car and a muscle car. The air intake is quite a muscle car look, though we see Lamborghini in its shape. It is an effect that is seen on several places for the car, where it resembles a Lamborghini, but is “not exactly” a Lambo. That might be explainable considering Lamborghini is a majority holder in ItalDesignn.

As for the specs, the concept car gets a 550hp V10, transmitting power to all four tires through a Audi 7 Speed S-Tronic transmission. A hydraulic suspension makes it okay for the Parcour to go off-roading, further aided by the 22-inch wheels that it sits on.