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Movie cars are made to be loved, and some fans do create replicas of famous movie cars for themselves. Very few however, come to the same level as Jerry Patrick of Newnan, Georgia. Jerry has built not one, but several movie and TV show car replicas, and they are all pretty sweet builds.

Jerry and his team have been modifying cars for 25 years, often working on multiple replicas at once. And that makes good sense because getting just the right feel can take some time. There’s the added work of studying the looks and construction of the original car for the replica, plus they may need to forge brand new parts to recreate these famous cars. Some of these cars are built for clients, but a do get built simply for fun

Cars are usually bought off the internet through Craigslist and eBay, followed by a transformation that makes these common cars into the unique replicas of famous vehicles. Among the collection some worthy mentions include KITT, Batmobile, Mystery Machine, Herbie and Tow Mater. Next up on Jerry’s list is Bumblebee from The Transformers and the A-Team van.

Via wsbtv, BitRebels