Venus Flytrap Potted Plant

Venus Flytrap is a plant with a unique reputation, one of the few plants in the world that actually “hunt” for their food. We can obviously understand the lure of having a plant like that in a pot and that would be quite a wise decision. The plants grow between three to ten centimeters depending on the time of the year, and might very well add to its place with its pink or bright red basins that it uses to lure and prey on insects.

The potted plant is available in a 3″ container, along with care instructions. It would be enjoyable to see the fly traps cackle through the day as they hunt for food, but it seems the plant takes in only a small percentage of its nutrition from preying and isn’t quite that avid a hunter as we would like to believe. Costs $5.24.

Via DudeIWantThat

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