iMpulse is a Tiny Game Controller For Your Smartphone

Smartphones are big on gaming, and ever since people started playing games on them, they’ve been on the lookout for a controller for tactile feedback and somewhat easy gameplay. iMpulse belongs to the same category, a controller looking to find love with your gaming habit. It is fashioned something like an NES controller, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you the familiar tactile controls in your hands.

A few might not find the size of the controller so useful, but since it imagines you’re going to carry it around, the small size is good. It also works as a keyring and can play a little sound on order from your phone, should you need to find it. Apart from gaming, iMpulse also works as a media control device giving you multimedia controls for your gadgets. Available for pre-order now at a cost of $25.

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