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In the modern world of urbanization, our cities grow fast, big and spectacular. All is not well with this view though, as Chinese sculptor Hu Shaoming likes to show with these beautiful sculptures. City of Dreams is a reminder that as our cities develop, they go far from the natural order and indeed destroy ecology to make room for their progress.

As a reminder to take another look on our urban progress, the city is made out of cold steel to display the behavioral “coldness” that is often associated with larger cities. Going further to show that our cities are unstable, temporary rests at best, the metropolis in the sculpture rests on the head of a sea horse, who might take a dive at any given moment, destroying the city with the move.

Even though the undertones might suggest a doomsday scenario, Hu’s sculptures are intended to urge us to rethink for a while about the world we are building and where we are headed.

Via MMM, VisualNews