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Going into the idea of using buildings as gigantic pollution filters, this concept imagines the BT Tower in London playing its role in keeping the air clean. That the renderings happen to look like the lair of some scary alien race in sci-fi movies, is probably just a happy coincidence.

Named Synth[e]tech[e]cology for system+technology+ecology, the concept sees the exterior of the building covered in a lattice that would work as an eco catalytic-converter that eats pollution for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would trap carbon from car exhausts and put it to good use in creation of biofuel.

Chang-Yeob Lee, the creator of the concept sees it as a way to harvest resources from the air and then putting them to good use. In the words of Lee, the concept is a hybrid between a vertical oil field and a laboratory for future resources.

Synth[e]tech[e]cology by Chang-Yeob Lee from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Via Dezeen, Dvice