Laser Gatling Gun Has a Purpose in Life it Won’t Share

As thoughts and philosophy go, I subscribe to the theory that everything has a purpose in life. In that belief, it would be okay to imagine that this laser gatling gun has a higher purpose than being a chunk of materials that throw light. Perhaps its true calling is the appearance of being a badass, and it wouldn’t be faring too poor in that department.

Powered by eight AA batteries and 18650 lithium-ions, the laser gatling gun by German hobbyist Patrick Priebe packs six 1.4 Watt class-4 blue lasers mounted on a spinning turret, aided by an additional aiming laser. On pushing the trigger on the aluminum body, the batteries come into action to turn the turret, while the lithium-ions power up the lasers.

Since it won’t be a good idea to lay wires into a spinning turret, the lasers mounted there are fired through a transmitter in the body of the gun, while the receiving end stays on in the turret.

Of course, the concept of gatling guns themselves doesn’t quite lend itself to the idea of lasers. The rotating turret is meant to give some cooling time to the barrels so they prepare for the high firing rate. Since that is all but redundant in the case of lasers, they might not find themselves in the need of a gatling gun. Hence, I come back to the purpose in life for this not-so-toy weapon, and again reach the conclusion that the answer must be badass.

Via Gizmag

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