Fun Times Ahead With a Bed That Could be a Trampoline

For the love of fun, we figure there are always concessions that can be made. Like having a bed that works as a trampoline and adds a high score of cool to the usual fanfare. It is obviously a contraption made to be fun, and that it shall be. Snurk’s combination set of a duvet and pillowcase once placed on a mattress, fictionally enrich it with superpowers turning the mattress into a trampoline.

The set is printed with a high-res image of a professional trampoline to add to its credence. While the previously mentioned powers of the trampoline still stay fictional, we see no reason to complain about the little airs of fun it promises besides lending itself very well to kids playing and jumping on the bed. Costs $80.

Via Fancy, Gizmodo

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