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Playing Super Mario Bros, we never really gave a thought to, or imagined the gore that must have occurred when Mario, the stoned on mushrooms plumber mercilessly trounced on the heads of goombas and koopa troopas. Or when he took pleasure in throwing poor Bowser into lakes of lava. But there is more to consider. If the gore was missing, so was the terrifying looks that these scary creatures must have. This dude we see here, looks like a scary Piranha Plant and we can totally support killing it in any way possible.

It is the work of artist Karen, who apparently is a master when it comes to creepy creations like these. In her words, this scary guy is the Medium plant guy that was made out of polymer clay, acrylic paint, matte and gloss varnishes. We are still convinced it is a terrifying terrifying spawn of Satan. You can buy some of the marvelously creepy and scary creations of the artist on her Etsy shop.

Via dogzillalives on DeviantArt, technabob