Britain’s 10-foot Tall Sheep Eating Plant Preparing to Bloom

Until a little time ago, my knowledge of carnivorous plants was limited to the likes of the Venus fly trap. Turn out, that little insect killer is no match for this gigantic plant that eats animals as big as sheep for breakfast. Puya chilensis is a plant native to the arid hillsides of Chile, which uses its sharp spikey spines to get hold of animals like sheep, which are then left to starve at the plant’s base as they slowly die of hunger and eventually turn to fertilizer!

A specimen of the said plant is currently being vouched for by the Royal Horticultural Society in a place called the Wisley Gardens. They expect the plant to bloom soon, one of the few of its species to have done so in the UK. Meanwhile, sheep throughout UK looked on unimpressed.

Via SmartPlanet

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