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Getting on with the business of smartwatches, and among rumors that smartwatches are the next big thing to come through several tech giants. Androidly, follows the line of smartwatches, carrying a 320×240 pixel display and the ability to run several apps from the Play store. That allows users access to some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Angry Birds.

Of course, apps that require, or are expressly designed for larger screens don’t fare well with the smartwatch, though it does try to be a well rounded gadget. Going far beyond the call of a watch, it includes a phone, a 2MP camera, and GPS. As for the specs, Androidly has 256MB of memory, an SD card slot, Bluetooth, and built-in Wi-fi. The watch is available for pre-order, and though their website also talks of a Kickstarter campaign, though we haven’t been able to find one there.

Via cnet