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If you’re rich enough, you can buy all the luxuries and expensive materials that can be on offer. Even so, it is not often that one gets to have an audience with something that represents a milestone in human achievement. What I’m talking of here, is steel taken from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, the first ever successful manned flight to moon.

If that weren’t persuasion enough, the Moon Orbiter watch also includes some moondust and gets to flaunt the fine craftsmanship of Romain Jerome. It has a 42-hour battery reserve, a finely engineered flying mechanical tourbillon, and a $115,000 price tag. Only 25 instances of the watch will be made. I find myself strangely upbeat about this watch I couldn’t afford to sniff; perhaps it’s the Apollo 11 mention.

Edit: We asked Romain Jerome about the elements of Apollo 11 and how they were sourced, after a question by John Giroux on our Facebook page. Here’s the relevant excerpt of their reply:

We acquired all these elements through auctions and have been authenticated by a Swiss notary. Each RJ watches contains one or many of these elements and is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note that RJ-Romain Jerome is supported by the Association of Space Explorers, a non-profit organization composed exclusively of people who have travelled to space and/or to the Moon.

Via Gizmodo