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“I am not my ethnicity” — Valerie Christina

A series that makes you think about people and life, participants expose their fears, emotions and insecurities to the camera. What I Be project by photographer Steve Rosenfield works on the tag line of “Building Security Through Insecurity.” For the project, Steve asked people to display their insecurities. Additionally, each participant was asked to complete the sentence “I am not my…”

The photographs have quite an impact. As the photographer says, the idea was to spread awareness on the issues people have to face. They may learn to live with it, yet they have to battle these things everyday. The point is to have people put themselves in the shoes of an individual before stereotyping and rushing to judgments and opinions.

“I am not my number” — Ellen

“I am not my eating disorder.” – Alexandre Candide

“I am not my Goltz syndrome” — Cara Dee Jörgensen

“I am not my breed”

“I am not my shortness” — Michael De Nardi.

“I am not my small breasts” — Katie Munson

“I am not my exterior” — Roberto Comochingas

“I am not my abortion” — Michelle Camp

“I am not my thoughts” — Leify Green

“I am not my adoption” — Michael Franti

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