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Thinking of laptops and notebooks, even computers in general, we have a very similar shape come to our mind. Mainly because that is how these gadgets have been forever. For its new Mac Pro, Apple gave that age old design a solid turn, making one that is not just unusual, but manages to wed form with function. The new Mac Pro is cylindrical.

Well, it may not be groundbreaking, but when you give us a break from the rectangular-cuboidal boxes that have ruled desktop computers since forever, this change is a welcome break.

It also happens to be a high performance machine that will support up to , 12-core configurations, ECC memory clocked at 1866MHz DDR 3, Firewire, USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2, new generation Xeon processors, support for 4K video, AMD FirePro graphics, and running up to three Ultra HD displays simultaneously. All that in a tiny package that measures 9.9 inches in height and 6.6 inches in diameter. New Mac Pro will be available later this year.

Via Apple

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