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BMW Designworks USA have a thing for computers. They have earlier designed the Thermaltake Level 10 PC, a gaming mouse, and now, another concept gaming PC designed by BMW and to be (possibly) made by ASRock. Given BMW’s design prowess, there’s no way the concept could have looked bad, but it does better than just look good. M8 Gaming PC has one transparent side so you can stare at the innards of the machine so you can marvel at the interiors just like you would at the exteriors.

The front knob is a multifunctional control button plus an OLED display to make stats on usage and temperature readily available. You could also adjust volume level and fan speed, and switch between modes like speed, standard and eco. M8 Gaming PC will sport 802.11ac WiFi module and Bluetooth v4.0 for high speed wireless transfers and a Creative SoundCore 3D quad core processor.

Via Jalopnik

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