GoPro Eating Grizzly Gives Us a First Hand Experience of Staring Down a Bear’s Throat [video]

We would very much prefer to avoid staring down the throat of a grizzly, but this little GoPro camera wasn’t at all lucky and found itself at the business end of a grizzly’s anger or hunger. The brave camera presumably faced dangers itself so we could see how terrifying being close to a grizzly, without ever getting close to one. Brad Josephs had taken a GoPro camera along with him to Alaska, and used it for capturing footage of grizzly bears for the Great Bear Stakeout for BBC.

The camera was secured to a rock with a rubber band as Josephs hunted for footage. Shortly thereafter, along came a grizzly with a cub who took an interest in the camera and led to this amazing footage.

Via AlaskaBearsAndWolves, BitRebels

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