Cat and Mouse Automaton Clock

Parmigiani is playing the age old cat and mouse game with this clock. The cat is trying its best to get hold of the mouse, and the presumably clever mouse is running for its life. Sadly for the cat, there is no catching this mouse. The cat moves in a one hour circuit, while the mouse continuously runs away from it. Should the cat and mouse end up in the same position, the mouse leaps away to escape the clutches of the cat.

Like all things Parmigiani, the clock is an expensive work of art. The cat is crafted from a black obsidian and has emerald eyes and a ruby nose; the mouse is white gold set in diamonds. The clock makes use of an PF670 automaton module and has an eight day power reserve. Time is displayed by a lateral hour ring that has a twelve hour rotation with a fixed claw showing the hour.

Via Parmigiani

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