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ChatPerf Scentee addon for iPhones adds another dimension to texting, allowing users to send a scent to go along their messages. It’s use could of course be extended to situations where you receive notifications on your phone, or for reminders. The technology of course, is still growing and the palate of the device is extremely limited at the moment.

Creators of Scentee hope to make more additions and changes to the addon, so it could be used for a variety of purposes, including to create a four-dimensional experience to go along with games or even videos. The prototype device uses a dock connector and so is compatible with iPhone devices up to 4s. ChatPerf are eager to expand to other options and platforms, hence the plan to create an improvement for the device that would connect to the earphone jack and have a better design. A greater variety of scents and smells would probably be added in the future.

Via Akihabara