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Earlier this year, Lamborghini showed its willingness to depart from conventional car design with the Veneno. Now, it apparently wants to cement the idea with the Egoista. This one though, is a one-off concept made to celebrate 50 years of the marque. The single seater supercar has a silver body with orange rims and accents, plus really sharp and pronounced curves and cuts that are intended to give it a look and feel similar to its inspiration, airplanes and jets.

The cockpit does follow the jet theme pretty well, sitting cozy inside a tinted orange canopy. The rear though, could very well have belonged to a jet. Egoista has been built off the Gallardo platform, and sports the same 5.2 Liter V10. Considering the Gallardo is about at the end of its model life, this concept could be an indication of things to come.

Via WorldCarFans