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Terrafugia has given the world its first commercial flying car, although it happens to be a bit like a plane since you’ll need to have it running on the road for a while to gain momentum before you can take off. Now that is neat, but when we thought “flying cars” we always thought The Jetsons way where cars take off without the trouble of a runway. Terrafugia’s new Transition, the TF-X ought to take a big, strong step in that direction.

The car would be able to take off and land vertically, have a hybrid powertrain, and be able to fly at a speed of 200mph. Eclectric motors will help it take off vertically, and then gas kicks in to propel it forward. Numerous autopilot functions will apparently cut off the need for having a pilot’s license.

That all sounds very dreamy and concept-like stuff to us, though Terrafugia says the car is entirely possible and will be built soon. And by “soon” we suppose they mean in more than a decade. Seeing how flying cars have always been around the corner, we are pretty pessimistic to such claims.

Via Jalopnik