Viking Hammock, Because Badass Isn’t Exclusive of Luxury

Relaxing as hammocks are, they get way better when you can add the prospects of luxury. Viking Hammock by Jim Zivic gets a luxurious, perhaps rustic setting that endeavors to add to it the Viking name. It does live up to the name, with a look that has a certain something going about it we can’t put a finger on, but what we would never call tame.

Built with steel at its heart, the luxury hammock has leather link slink, metal mesh, felt upholstered head and foot boards, a brown royce suede upholstered cushion, 2 shearling pillows, and a shearling throw. Four braided steel chains fix the hammock to the roof. Luxury on the hammock comes at a price of $33,000 that you would have to spend at Ralph Pucci International showroom.

Via DudeIWantThat

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