Making The World a Better Place: Girl Decorates Neighborhood Street

Putting in some effort can bring a big smile to someone’s face, and make their day. For the moment, Zoe Green is quite the poster girl here for doing the (not so) little things that make everyone’s day a little brighter. She calls the 5th of April “Happy Street Day,” a day when she got up at 5 in the morning to decorate her entire street.

For her neighborhood around Shelbourne Road in the UK, she set up balloons near a bus shelter, post box and telephone booth, stuck post-its with encouraging messages on a telephone pole, and added a big “Good Morning” sign on the bridge. The idea is to spread happiness in the hope that the people cheered by these messages may go on to cheer someone else up in their daily lives.

Via PeaGreenGirl, DesignTaxi

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