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Chinese artist Hu Shaoming, supported by Guangzhou Art Academy set out to show antique and vintage gadgets in a way they have rarely been seen. He collected four objects from four countries: UK, US, Japan and France. These objects were all vintage, a phone from the 1910s, a clock from the ’20s, a camera from the ’30s and one portable film camera from the ’40s. He then set to work on these objects so they would fit in the scope of his project called “Reconnecting Time” (“He: Shiguan Xilie” in Chinese).

For the project, Hu opened up these gadgets to disassemble them, and then reassembled these gadgets while making an addition in the form of an embedded metal zipper. The zippers have been set in a breach behind the surface, which when opened gives a view of the mechanisms and the working of these gadgets. While adding the zippers he tried to be as minimally invasive as possible, keeping the original look and form of the gadgets intact to the degree the tiny additions would allow him.

Via, CoolHunting